“The Community Library. Swarthmore Needs This Educational and Social Institution to Uphold Its Position as a Desirable Community” by Harold Barnes, President of the Swarthmore Public Library Association (1 – BB and SL) – Barnes was soliciting donations and memberships: “It seems a shame that Swarthmore, bearing the marks of one of the most distinctive communities in America, the home of more people listed in Who’s Who than any other community of like size in the United States, save one, a leader in intellectual persuits [sic] of all kinds, should be without a community library, when every little Borough and community within miles around boasts this great social and intellectual asset.”

Photos courtesy of Rara Avis: “Important Characters in the Senior Class Play at the High School Thursday”(1 – AC) – Manoeuvres-in-chief-Jane (Florence Brill); Jane’s Boy Friend George (Nicholas Mason); The Perfect Flop – Lord Bapchild (Raymond Walters, Jr.; Mother of all the Trouble – Lady Bapchild (Dorothy Rupp)

“Knave of Hearts at Woman’s Club. Mrs. Roy C. Comley Directing Play to Be Given Next Tuesday. Drama Section Program” (1 & 3 – AC and WO)

Calendar (1 – RS, SL and WO)

“Council Tables Emmons’ Letter. Decides Letter Is Not Reply to Request for Details on Dec. B. & C. Meeting. Freedley Makes Reply” (1 & 5 – BB and SX) – Councilman Paul Freedley explained why the original estimate and actual cost were so disparate.

“Keep Swarthmore Clean. New Ordinance Provide Borough with Authority to Clean- up Private Properties at the Expense of the Owner” by Burgess Carroll Thayer (1 – BB and CO) – Mr. Thayer argued that, “With the rapid growth of the Borough, pieces of property had fallen into the hands of speculator living outside the Borough” who were dumping garbage in vacant lots and alleys. As a member of the Business and Civil Association, he was putting an ordinance about the responsibility for garbage before the Borough Council.

“We Delight to Honor” (1 – SN) – on locals Dr. J. Russell Smith “who gave a series of lectures in Cincinnati” and whose book Tree Crops was just reviewed in The New York Times, and Dr. Frank Aydelotte, who “was the principal speaker at the Academy of Music, when the Philadelphia Award was given to Eli K. Price.”

“Social and Personal” (2 – SL)

Inset: “Retiring from Business” (2 – SE) – Firm of Cameron Donato

“Fiddler’s Program Unusual Success. Meeting House Crowded to Doors by Many Wishing to Hear Old Tunes. May Repeat Program” (2 – AC)

“Lovely Wedding of Swarthmore Girl. Miss Marion E. Rumsey Becomes Bride at Church Wedding Tuesday. Bride Well Known Here” (3 – SL) – Marion Rumsey, who worked in the Swarthmore National Bank for the past ten years, married Paul Smythe, and they were due to honeymoon in Cuba.

“Girl Scouts” (3 – KO)

Photos courtesy of Rara Avis: “Some Leading Characters in the High School Play Next Thursday” (3 – AC) – Connie Can Manoeuvre, Too (Marguerite Michener); The Man with the Past – Mr. Nangle (William T. Brown); The Most Wonderful Creature with Girls – Mrs. Beechinor (Virginia Crenshaw); Mrs. Beechinor’s Little Flower – Pamela (Mary Vlachos)

“Social and Personal” (3 – SL)

“Day of Prayer” (3 – RS) – February 15th meeting in the Methodist Church as part of an “Interdenominational Conference of 52 nations that met last spring at Jerusalem on the Mount of Olives”

“Planning a Distinctive Newspaper” (4 – ED and TS) – “This week’s issue of ‘The Swarthmorean’ marks an attempt at editing the paper according to our own ideas of the kind of a paper the people of this community would find creditable and interesting . . . In making any changes we hope to make the paper a little more distinctive than any of Swarthmore papers have been in the past.”

“Executive Meeting of W. C. T. U. on Wednesday” (4 – LQ and WO) – In addition to announcing the upcoming meeting, the item recounted the 1926 U.S. census’s “alcoholic death rate per 100,000.” It ended with: “New York and other large cities treat prohibition as a joke, but their high alcoholic death rate is a gruesome fact.”

“Tickets Selling Rapidly for Senior Play” (4 – AC) – Included in the item was how “the program is to be quite high hat with ushers wearing tuxedos, a symphony orchestra in the pit, and all the other embellishments of a first class evening in the theatre.” Directing the play was Miss Hanna E. Kirk.

“College Alumni Club Preparing for Banquet” (4 – SC) – The 41st annual banquet of the Swarthmore College Alumni Club was being held at the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel. Scheduled to speak was George E. Vincent, “noted educator and president of the Rockefeller Foundation.”

“Strath Haven Notes” (4 – SL) “Boy Scout Notes” (4 – KO) “Church News” (4 – RS)

“Alumni News of the High School” (5 – SL)

“Cameron Donato to Retire from Business” (5 – SL) – The business, a fruit store on the corner of Chester Road and Park Avenue, “was conducted for the past three years by Mrs. Donato alone and it is at the order of her physician that she is retiring from the work at this time.”

“Library Drive Progressing Well. Team Captains and Workers Visiting Every Home in Borough for Members. Response Excellent” (6 – BB) – Following their Tuesday meeting, Harold Barnes, the president of the Swarthmore Public Library Association, stated “that there would probably not only”5 be a 100 per cent enrollment for the homes in the borough but for every individual living in the borough.”

“College One-Act Plays to Be Given” (6 – AC and SC) “‘Lad and Dad’ Campfire Meeting Great Success” (6 – KO)

“Gas and Electric Co. to Make Improvements” (6 – DC, PN, and UT) – $7,525,000 was slated by the Philadelphia Suburban-Counties Gas and Electric Company for “the expansion and enhancement of service”.

“Children’s Library Adds new Books” (7 – BS and CE) – included in the list were separate paragraphs “For the boys” and “For the girls.”

“Seventy Children Attend Story Hour” (7 – CE) “Miss Minerva W. Lownes” (7 – AD)

Photo courtesy of Rara Avis: “In Senior Class Play Next Thursday” (7 – AC) – “Joseph W. Walton”

“Dinner and Program at Presbyterian Church” (7 – RS) – This was the fourth annual dinner as conceived by Harold Barnes, “who thought that it would be a good idea to get the parents and teachers of the Sunday School better acquainted by means of such a gathering just as the parents and teachers of the public school children are made better acquainted by the meetings of the Home and School association.”

“Men Follow Girls to Whittier House” (7 – CV and PI) – Reported by Chief of Police John Rogeri: Four young men “who had evidently been drinking, followed two school teachers from Philadelphia to the home of Dr. W. Carson Ryan, at Whittier place. . . The men not only followed the girls but tried to enter Dr. Ryan’s home. They were repulsed by Dr. Ryan’s son, Carson Jr., and after making considerable noise left the vicinity before Chief Rogeri arrived. However, the men later returned for a hat which they had left, the license number of their car was secured, and they were arrested the following day and each fined $10 and costs by Magistrate Ulrich.”

“Home and Schools Studies Accoustics [sic]” (7- CO) “News Notes” (7 – SL)

“World Traveler at Woman’s Club. Dr. Frank Bohn Tells Women of U. S. Leadership in Business. Many at Luncheon” (8 – AE, IR, PO, and WO) – Bohn, a “special feature writer of the New York Times, lecturer of the Swarthmore Chautauqua, and world traveller,” gave a talk entitled “All the World and Ourselves” about economic imperialism and the Kellogg Treaty.

“Recommendations of the Drama Committee of the Woman’s Club” (8 – AC and WO)

“Republican Women Hear of Child Labor” (8 – DC and WO) – “Miss Charlotte Carr, Chief of the Bureau of Women and Children, Department of Labor, Harrisburg, was the principal speaker at the regular meeting of the Women’s Republican Club of Delaware County, held in their headquarters at Media, on Thursday, February 7.”

“Monthly Service of Music This Sunday” (8 – AC)

“Sandy Ellis, Popular Scotch Terrier, Dies” (8 – AP) – At first it was thought that Mrs. William T. Ellis’s dog had a cold and sore throat. “But symptoms which developed the next day indicated that Sandy had the rabies and he had to be killed.”

“Invitation to Attend Stamp Club Meeting” (8 – CO) – The Lansdowne Stamp Club was expecting Charles J. Philips “of New York, known the world over as an outstanding figure among postage stamp collectors”.


5 italics in the original

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