“Saving $25,000 A Year. How Swarthmore Class A Rating for Fire Insurance Saves the People of Swarthmore Thousands of Dollars Each Year” by Dr. John Byers Roxby, Chairman of the Membership Committee of the Fire and Protective Association (1 & 8 – BB, CO, and FE) – on how and why Swarthmore earned this money-saving rating from the National Underwriters’ association and the need for more people to join the Fire and Protective Association for $5/year

Photo: “New Road into Swarthmore” with caption “Portion of the newly paved Sproul road which now completes a broad concrete highway between Chester and Swarthmore. Each year Swarthmore is proving more popular as a home for the executives of large riverfront industries.” (1 – BB and SL)

“Seniors Present Annual Play. Class of ’29 Gives Entertaining Program at High School. Auditorium Crowded” (1 & 8 – AC) – on the successful staging of “The Maneuvers of Jane” by Henry Arthur Jones

Inset: “Swarthmore Tribune” (1 – BB) – letter dated February 19, 1929 from Don Manthorne, Editor, Swarthmore Tribune, on the cessation of publication

“Hundreds Join Library Project. Committees Report Nearly 500 Members Secured by First of Week. Drive to Continue” (1 & 8 – BB and CO)

“What of Borough Hall? Architect Has Made Survey of Old Building and Recommends that It Be Renovated at Cost of about $70,000. An Interview with Donald Folsom, Philadelphia Architect” (1 & 8 – BB) – on the plans to rebuild and expand Borough Hall by the architectural firm Folsom, Stanton and Graham

“Social and Personal” (2 – SL)

“‘Knave of Hearts’ Entertains Women. Woman’s Club Enjoys Program by Drama and Music Section. Chorus Broadcasts” (3 – AC and WO)

Photo: “Leading Tenor in Cavalleria” with caption “Donato Colafemina, concert tenor, of Swarthmore, who appeared in Chester last evening in the opera, Cavalleria Rusticana” (3 – AC)

“Children’s Library Story Hour Today” (3 – CE)

“Players’ Club Program for March Underway” (3 – AC and CO) – The Players’ Club was producing the comedy “Tommy” for March.

“Home and School to Give Concert” (3 – CO)

“John Ogden to Leave for Florida” (3 – SN) – ‘Johnnie’ was off to spring training in West Palm Beach with the St. Louis Americans.

“Swarthmore Man Takes Part in Opera” (3 – AC and SN) – on Donato Colefemina’s role in “Cavalleria Rusticana” for the Chester Opera Company

“Social and Personal” (3 – SL)

“Mrs. Carroll Thayer to Entertain Fortnightly” (4 – RR and WO) – Mrs. Thayer reviewed “a humorous sketch” by Harold Stillman [sic] Edwards, Anea’s Africanus [sic].6

“Girl Scout Troop 16” (4 – KO)

“Dr. Franklin L. Bassett. Death of a Former Prominent Citizen” (4 – AD)

“Prominent Member of College Board Dies” – on the death of Emma Cooper Bancroft, a member of the college’s Board of Managers since 1896 (4 – AD and QS)

“Church News” (4 – RS)

“Young America [sic] Climbs the Matterhorn” courtesy [of] The Friends Intelligencer (5 – TA) – first-person account by Thomas McPherson Brown of his trip to 36-day European tour with five other Swarthmore men, “all young college lads,” and how three of them climbed the Matterhorn

Photo: “The Author” with caption “Thomas McPherson Brown, the writer of this article, is a senior at Swarthmore College and a member of a well known old Quaker family. He is the seventh of the Browns to graduate from Swarthmore.” (5 – QS and SN)

“League of Voters Announce Speaker” (5 – AE and WO) – Mrs. William Carson on “Welfare Needs, State and National”

“Two Swarthmoreans Lauded for Christian Work among Young Men” (6 – CW and RS) – Introduction described how Swarthmoreans Rev. Walter Matos and Shade E. Simmonds “for many years have been doing quiet and unassuming Christian work among young men in and near this Borough.” The Swarthmorean reprinted an article about them in the Presbyterian Church of the U.S.A.’s The Westminister Adult Bible Class by historian Burton Alva Konkle of Cornell Avenue.

“Their Work among Boys” by Burton Alva Konkle (6 – CW and RS) “George F. Barton” (6 – AD)

“Recommendations of the Drama Committee of the Woman’s Club” (6 – AC, RR, and WO) – Among the list of recommendations was one for “Blackbirds”7 at the Garrick Theatre in Philadelphia – “All colored review. Very well done.”

“Program Arranged for February B. & C. Meeting” (6 – BB and CO) “J. Russell Smith to Talk about Chinese” (6 – AE, EA, IR, and QS)

“Community Health Society Gives Program” (6 – DC and PH) – Dr. F.E. Coughlin, Epidemiologist, Bureau of Communicable Disease in the Department of Health, spoke at the behest of the Community Health society of Central Delaware County on communicable diseases.

“Visiting Pastors at Presbyterian Church” (6 – RS)

“Prep School to Give Popular Farce” (6 – AC) – The Periwig Club of the Swarthmore Prep School was staging “Second Childhood” by Zellah Covington and Jules Simonson.

“Kathleen Norris Thrills Audience. Many Swarthmore Women Attend Luncheon in Philadelphia. Speaks for Peace” (7 – WO) – “That the interest of Swarthmore women extends out far beyond the limits of the borough was shown on Wednesday by the large number who attended the luncheon of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom at the Bellevue-Stratford.” Norris, a “novelist and playwright,” is quoted as saying, ‘You will never find a cause for war that could not have been arbitrated before the war was fought better than after the war was fought.’

“Art School Valuable Addition to Community” (7 – AC) – Tricker School of Art at 405 Dartmouth Avenue headed by Miss Florence Tricker

“Florida Conference of Needlework Guild Meets” (7 – CW)

“World Day of Prayer Observed by Many” (7 – RS and WO) – For the “world call to all Christian women for prayer”

“Swarthmore Friars Easily Defeat Morton” (7 – SS) “Boy Scout Notes. Troop No. 2” (7 – KO)

“All in Readiness for Alumni Dinner” (7 – SC) – Dr. Edward Martin was scheduled to serve as toastmaster for the March 8th dinner at the Bellevue-Stratford.

“College Dean to Give Series of Lectures” (7 – SN) – Dean Raymond Walters of Swarthmore College was to deliver eight lectures at Columbia University on “educational methods in American college [sic], and his presentation will include reports on honors work at Swarthmore, the tutorial system at Harvard, and college registration statistics.”

“Auto Dealers Here Fight Gas Tax Raise” (7 – CV and TX) – “Several dealers in the borough are handing out literature which points out that the limit in motor vehicle taxation has been reached.” The gas tax was to be raised from three to four cents, and the cost of a driver’s license from $1.00 to $2.00.

“Prep School Notes” (7 – CE)

“Mary Lyon Girls in Old Classic. Seniors Delight Large Audience in ‘Pride and Prejudice.’ Parts Well Taken” (8 – AC and CE) – “The two leading male roles, Darcy and Bingley, were especially pleasing. Miss Marion Stone, of Pleasantville, N. J., and Miss Sarah Wood, of Highland Park, Ill., lent these difficult roles a dignity and virility that made their masculinity entirely convincing.”

Ad: “For Your Dog. Dog Collars, Leashes, Bones, Chains, Brushes, Combs, Muzzels, [sic] Whips, Harness. Suplee Hardware. Swarthmore, PA” (8 – AP and QA)

“Carleton Beals to Lecture in Phila.” (8 – AE, IR, and WO) – Five public lectures were being held by this “daring young journalist who has been an eye-witness to much of the history made in Mexico and South America during the past ten years”. Beals “has been particularly prominent during the past year as the only person successful in locating and interviewing Sandino, the Nicaraguan rebel”.



6 According to the Rare Book Collection at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, “Eneas Africanus, written by the prolific Southern writer and journalist Harry Sitwell Edwards, was and is one of the most popular works of pro-slavery literature in the post-Civil War era.” From blogs.lib.unc.edu/rub/tag/eneas-africanus/ (accessed August 2020).

7 “Blackbirds,” featuring an African-American cast, was first staged in 1926 on Broadway by Lew Leslie (nĂ© Lewis Lessinsky).

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