“Women Told at Club Meeting How Plays Are Staged. Work of Jasper Deeter with Hedgerow Plays Is Described. Mrs. Eaton Chairman” (1 & 3 – AC and WO)

“Fiddle Tunes and Old Songs Feb. 1” (1 – AC)

Photo courtesy of the College Phoenix: “New Friends’ Historical Library Wing” (1 – SC)

“Friends’ Library Nearly Completed. Left Wing of College Library to House Rare Documents. Dedication to Be Soon” (1 & 6 – LH, NA, QS, RR, and SC) – The collection would include “ethical and humanitarian subjects, as anti-slavery, care of Negroes and Indians, women’s suffrage, and also local history”.

“Children’s Hour at Clubhouse Today” (1 – CE) “Police Women to Speak Next Tuesday” (1 – WO) “Fortnightly to Meet on Monday” (1 – WO) “House Committee Luncheon” (1 – WO)

Photo courtesy of Philadelphia Bulletin with caption “Off to observe eclipse of the sun in Sumatra in May” – “Walter H. Robinson (left) a Swarthmore College sophomore and son of Dr. and Mrs. Louis A. Robinson of Swarthmore, is accompanying Dr. John A. Miller (right) director of the Sproul Observatory, to the Dutch East Indies. They are holding an enlargement of an eclipse photograph” (1 – SC)

“Dr. Miller Leaves to Study Eclipse. Son of Dr. Louis N. Robinson Accompanies Party to Sumatra. To Be Gone 9 Months” (1 & 5 – SC) – This lengthy article included a section on how the scientists intended to examine a deflection of light during the eclipse “to determine the cause of this deflection, and to verify or question the theory of relativity accordingly.”3

“Among the Sick” (2)

“Strath Haven Notes” (2 – SL)

“Benefit Bridge for Women Voters Feb 20” (2 – CW and WO)

“Friends’ Sewing Group at Whittier House” (2 – CW and QS) – This item refers to a benefit for “the Friends’ School, at Ramallah, Jewsalem” [sic] that would be held on January 31.

“Comments on Work of Swarthmore Artist” (2 – AC and RR) – This refers to the paintings by Swarthmore artist Marjorie Nichols Adams that were being exhibited at the Plastic Club in Philadelphia. “The opportunity for contrasts in ‘Wah-Wah,’ a group study of a colored nurse and a very fair-haired little boy is not lost”…

“Recommendations of the Drama Committee” (2 – AC) “Swarthmore Women at County Meeting” (3 – WO)

“Resolution” (3 – BB) – on honoring the late Fred Robinson at the Council of the Borough of Swarthmore

“The Friends’ Library” (4 – ED, QS, and SC) – editorial praising the library’s beauty and how it is “another cultural asset to Swarthmore”

“Letters to the Editor” (4 – LH and SN) – Someone who identified him/herself as “A Friend” wrote to correct the history of the Swarthmore News and provide more information on Eugene and Grace Pratt.

“Boy Scout Notes” (4 – KO) “Church News” (4 – RS)

“Business News of the Borough” (5 – SE) “Girl Scout Notes” (5 – KO)

“Lecturer from India to Give Lectures Here” (5 – AE, IR, and SA) – The lecturer was “James H. Cousins of Adyar, India, a leader of the Theosophical Society.”

“Second ‘Building Bee’ for Library Is Held” (6 – BB)

Inset: “A Word of Appreciation” (6 – TS) – The Swarthmorean thanked George Bretz of the Swarthmore News Stand for writing to inform Robert E. Sharples that 80, not just 60, copies of The Swarthmorean were needed to meet weekly demand. (Subscriptions cost $2.50 in advance per year.)

“Swarthmoreans Give Concert at Shore” (6 – AC and SN) – The performers were the tenor Donato Colafemina and the pianist Mildred Spencer.

“Gerald H. Effing Heads Bankers’ Asso.” (6 – DC)

Inset: “Food Sale and Bake by the Ladies of the Swarthmore Methodist Church, Saturday Morning 9 to 11, 16 Park Avenue, Home made good things to eat” (6 – RS and WO)

“Council to Act on R.R. Crossing; Secretary Named. Kistler Property Adjoining Borough Hall Added to Business Zone. All Members Present” (1 – BB and RE)

“Social and Personal” (2 – SL)

Inset: “No Charge for ‘Lost and Found’ Items” (2)


3 John A. Miller and Ross W. Marriott co-authored “Observations of the Total Solar Eclipse of May 9, 1929, Made by the Rubel Eclipse Expedition of Swarthmore College” in Popular Astronomy v. XXXVII, no. 9 (November 1929).

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