“Taking Stock of Our Schools. Opportunity to See Classes in Session Before Annual Exhibit, and Meeting of Home and School, Monday Night” (1 – CE and CO) – invitation to all Borough residents to visit classes in the College Avenue building

“Friends’ Pilgrimage” (1 – QS) – visits to “two of the oldest Meeting Houses in this vicinity at Springfield and Providence”

“A Treat for the Kiddies” (1 – CW and IR) – Ellis A. Gimbel of Philadelphia annually treated disadvantaged children to the circus when it came to town, “with the result that more than 100,000 youngsters, from orphanages, homes for cripples, institutions for the retarded, and thousands of youngsters from alien lands have been his guests.”

Portrait of Benjamin West courtesy of Mrs. Julia Hazard: “Is He Sufficiently Honored?” (1 – SN)

“Chautauqua Here June 11, 12, 13, 14. Guarantors Meet and Organize for Sale of Tickets. Proceeds to Library” (1 – AE, BB, and CW)

“Children’s Story Hour at Club House Today” (1 – CE and WO)

“Public Library Opening Tonight. Directors Will Be Present to Welcome Members from 8 to 10 P. M. Loan Books Saturday” (1 – BB)

“Rhythmic Expression in May 24th Program at Woman’s Club. Miss Alice Kraft Will Give Demonstration of Rhythmic Expression and Dances” (1 & 7 – AC and WO) – “The purpose of rhythmic expression, as Miss Kraft expresses it, is to build up the individual mentally as well as physically. Inhibition is banished. Spontaneous, latent, creative energy is unloosed.”

“Benjamin West. Is the Memory of This Great Artist Sufficiently Honored? Comments on the Life and Works of the Early American Portrait Painter by Arthur Edwin Bye” (1 & 10 – AC, QS, and SN) – biography “reprinted by permission from the General Magazine and Historical Chronicle of the University of Pennsylvania”

“Social and Personal” (2 – SL)

“Bible School to Open June 1. May Be Held at Whittier House This Year – Eighth Season. John H. Pitman, Chr.” (3 – CE, RR, and RS) – “Committees representing the Friends’ Meeting, Methodist, Presbyterian and Wesley M. E. Churches met on May 5 and 12 to organize the work for the Next session of the Vacation Bible School.”

“Drama Section Program at Club Next Week” (3 – AC and WO) – “The Trimplet” and “Nevertheless” by Stuart Walker

“Committee Heads for Next Year Appointed at Woman’s Club” (3 – AE, BR, NA, RR, and WO) – Dr. Carson Ryan commented on the still poor, albeit improving “health of the Indians”; their poverty, with the exception of the Osage Indians in Oklahoma”; and deemed them “capable of education”. According to Ryan, “the Indians must keep his [sic] arts, his family life, and tribal instincts, but he must educate himself to a responsible attitude towards the rest of the community. This will help the Indian give a very real contribution to American civilization.”

“Too Old to Spank” (4 – CE, CV, ED, JD, PI, and SL) – Swarthmore had a ‘boy problem’: “Groups of from three to a dozen boys are seen congregating here and there, prowling around at night, dashing about in cars which in all probability their parents do not know they are using.” Complaints had been made of gas siphoning, and a sixteen-year-old boy had been arrested for taking a car from its parking space at the Railroad Station to drive his friends around. He returned the car the next day, eight gallons of gas down and with its spare tire replacing the original tire. But “what does Swarthmore offer [but the Boy Scouts] to occupy the time and attention of boys between the ages of twelve and eighteen outside of school hours?”

“Rev. Ellen Martien Holman” (4 – AD, LP, and RS) “Church News” (4 – RS)

NB: Pages 5 and 6 of this issue are missing from the photographed collection.

“School News of the Week – College, High, Prep, Mary Lyon, P. M. C.” (7 – CE) – page heading

“College Commencement Plans Announced” (7 – SC) – Commencement speaker was to be Dr. Howard McClenahan, secretary of the Franklin Institute; the Phi Beta Kappa was to be Dr. William Earnest Hocking, a Harvard professor; and Reverend Joseph Fort Newton of St. Paul’s Church in Overbrook was to give the baccalaureate address.

“Prep School Notes by Mark Wilcox” (7 – SS)

“Garnet Lacrosse Men Meet Army Tomorrow” (7 – SC and SS)

“Primo-Secane Club Meets at Inn Today” (7 – DC and WO) – The Friday Club was part of the Delaware County Federation of Women’s Clubs.

“Beauty of Women’s Hands for Exhibition” (7 – AC) – competition within a 50-mile radius of Philadelphia in preparation for an exhibition at the Sketch Club, 235 South Camac Street. “The subject of the exhibition is beauty in the hands of women and it is the first of its kind ever held in this section.”

“Women Sought to Make Red Cross Flags” (8 – CW and WO)

“High School Ties for League Championship” (8 – SS) – baseball

“College Courtmen Win Two More Contests” (8 – SC and SS) – tennis

“Women’s Tennis Team Wins in Home Match” (8 – SC and SS) – tennis

“Swarthmore Women Seek Aid for Flower Market” (8 – CW and WO)

“Activities of the Methodist Church” (8 – RS)

“Musical Recital at Clubhouse on Saturday” (9 – AC and WO)


“Will You Help?” (9 – AP and DC) – Delaware County SPCA’s third annual membership drive


“Swarthmore Girl Scouts” (9 – KO) “Christian Science Churches” (9 – RS)

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