“‘Meet the Wife.’ Final Players Club Production of the Season Scores Real Hit; Officers Elected for Next Year” (1 – AC and CO)

“Endowment Drive Continues” (1 – SC)

Photo courtesy of Philadelphia Bulletin: “New Friends Library and Scenes from Pageant” with caption “The following persons took part in the pageant for the dedication of the Clement Biddle Memorial Library: Howard J. Johnson, Roland G. E. Ullman, Elliott Richardson, J. Barnard Walton, Margaret S. Palmer, Ellis W. Bacon and J. R. Hayes.” (1 – QS and SC)

“Dedication of Friends’ Library. Biddle Memorial Library on College Campus Opened to Public. Museum Big Feature” (1 & 10 – QS and SC) – dedication of new building attached to the Swarthmore College library

“Monthly Meeting W. C. T. U.40 Wednesday” (1 – LQ and WO)

“Present Petition for Playground. Residents Urge School Board to Accept Responsibility of Upkeep. Board Says Impossible” (1 & 8 – BB and CE) – Some 200 Swarthmore residents signed a petition that requested the School Board to create and maintain a public playground during July and August. The Board, however, “was reluctant to undertake such an experiment”.

“Library Opening Night of May 17th” (1 – BB)

“Borough Taxes Raised. Council Finds Increase Necessary to Meet Growing Budget; Will Replace Notes with Bond Issue; Four Story Apartment House Discouraged” (1 & 10 – BB and RE)

“Social and Personal” (2 – SL)

“Mother and Daughter Dinner Next Tuesday” (3 – RS and WO) – Annual dinner of the Westminster Guild of the Presbyterian Church

“Woman’s Club Notes” (3 – WO)

“County Federation” (3 – DC and WO) – Rutledge meeting of Delaware County Federation of Women’s Clubs on May 21st

“Lincoln Uni. Glee Club Sings at Clubhouse” (3 – AC and RR) – “Swarthmore music lovers enjoyed a rare treat on Saturday at the Woman’s Clubhouse, when the Lincoln University Glee Club gave a delightful program of Negro Spirituals. . . This Glee Club has been favorably received two years at Princeton. Graduates of Lincoln are occupying leading positions in the ministry, teaching, medicine and law. Among them are six hundred ministers and religious leaders, four college presidents, several deans, a State Superintendent of Education, two United States Ministers to Liberia, one congressman, four members of State Legislatures and several city aldermen. Certainly the country will be the richer in musical appreciation through the contribution of this splendid group of young men.”

“Seek Flowers for Flowerless Phila.” (3 – GN)

“Talk on Indians at Woman’s Club” (3 – BR, NA, RR, and WO) – “Dr. W. Carson Ryan, Jr., Professor at Swarthmore College, will give an address, ‘What Shall We Do About the American Indian?'”

“Home and School Meeting on Monday” (3 – CO) – Two high school seniors who won an essay contest on “Why Should I Vote”? were due to read their papers aloud.

“Girl Scout News” (3 – KO)

“Mothers’ Day Service at Methodist Church” (3 – RS)

“George F. Munce” (3 – AD)

“Suburban Weeklies. Editorial from the N. Y. Times. Thursday, May 2, 1929” (4 – TS) – on the welcome proliferation of local newspapers

Photos: “Children of Prominent Families Aid in Children’s Hospital Drive” with caption “Learning to Serve: A group of 300 boys and girls, members of prominent families, receive their first experience in Social Service work as members of the Juniors under the Women’s Committee of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia” and “Polly Page, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Page, of Bryn Mawr, and Trenchard Newbold, Jr., with his mother, Mrs. Trenchard Newbold, of Ardmore” (4 – CW and WO)

“Swarthmore Women Attend Child Festival” (4 – DC, PH, and WO)

“Church News” (4 – RS)

“‘Wallingford Hills’ to Be Residential Park” (5 – RE) – Wm. E. Witham sold 25 acres next to the Wallingford train station to Philip G. Platt to develop as a “deluxe residential park with ornamental lakes, rockgardens [sic], park land, colorful landscaping and broad, sweeping avenues”. On the plan were “fully detached residences of masonry construction on lots of not less than 100 feet frontage.”

“The Gardens of Swarthmore” (5 – GN and LP)

“Swarthmore Women Give Program for New Club” (5 – IR, SA, and WO) – Mrs. Jesse Holmes, president of the Women’s Club of Swarthmore, addressed the new Women’s Club of the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science on her “Personal Experiences in India.” She and the other two women who attended from Swarthmore “were dressed in native costumes and the room was decorated with brasses and prints brought by Mrs. Holmes from India.”

“New Members of Swarthmore Library” (5 – BB and CO)

“News Notes” (6 – SL)

“Ford Motor Company Notes of Interest” (6 – CV)

“Service to Nash Owners Theme of C. W. Nash” (6 – CV) “Classified” (6)

Ad: Media Theatre (6 – CR, JR, QA, and RR): “See and Hear ‘The Cohens and the Kellys in Atlantic City'”41

“Sheriff Sales” (6 – RE)

“Garnett Stickmen Lose to Johns Hopkins” (6 – SC and SS)

“Five Original Plays at Curtain Theatre” (6 – AC and SC) – One of the five plays selected from among student entries was “Gold” by James Michener.

“Estate Notices” (6)

“School News of the Week – College, High, Prep, Mary Lyon, P. M. C. (7) – page heading

“College Expedition Photographs Eclipse” (7 – IR and SC)

“Prep School Notes by Mark Wilcox” (7 – CE and SS) – on the senior prom set for June 5th at the Spring Haven Golf Club, and baseball and golf matches

“Hedgerow Theatre Repertory Continues” (7 – AC) “Stage Design Class at Mary Lyon Entertained” (7 – CE)

“Public Library Is Great Achievement. Review of the Organization and Development of Swarthmore’s Library. Arrange for Opening” (8 – BB and CO) – “The library consists of two small rooms on the second floor of Borough Hall.” After a description of the work done and book selection, the article continued, “Swarthmore is a rare community – a community that knows and appreciates the value of a good public library and the scholarly and cultural effects of such an institution.”

“Auxiliary to Make Trip Through Laundry” (8 – CW and WO) – “The Swarthmore Auxilliary [sic] of the Ocean City Home for Babies is conducting a trip through the C. and C. Laundry, Fifth and Yarnall streets, Chester, Pa. on Thursday, May 16.”

“Pike Kiwanis Plans Exposition in June” (8 – MO)

Ad for Hannum & Waite’s Goodyear tires (8 – CV and QA) – drawing of a man with sweat pouring down his face and a woman wearing a skirt so short her garters were showing, with the caption “Boy Friend – Sufferin’ blowouts! If I only had a spare! Girl Friend – Listen, Boy Friend – spare yourself the trouble of remembering my ‘phone number until you get Goodyears on all four rims.42

“Swarthmoreans Will Take Part in Drive for Children’s Hospital” (9 – CW) – campaign to raise three million dollars for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

“State Appropriation for Wm. Penn Landing” (9 – MI) – $1,500 allocated by the governor of Pennsylvania to erect a statue of William Penn at the foot of Penn Street in Chester

“Christian Science Churches” (9 – RS) “News Notes” (9 – SL)

“Woman’s Organization All Day Meeting” (10 – RS and WO)

“My Mother” by S. E. Simmonds43 (10 – LP)


40 Initials of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union

41 This was apparently a silent film, not a talkie as advertised, part of a series of Universal Studio’s ethnic comedies featuring the Cohen and Kelly families. One ad for this movie on imdb.com features three white people on a bench, two of the men on each side of a woman dressed as a flapper. Behind them stands a dark- skinned black man wearing a red cap who’s drawn according to racist stereotypes, i.e., wide open eyes and an enormous smile framed by exaggerated red lips.

42 All italics in original

43 In line with the celebration of Mothers’ Day

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