“Exchange Program at Players’ Club. ‘Barnstormers’ to Bring Over ‘Peg of My Heart – Nomination of Officers. Play Chosen for May” (1 – AC and CO) – In April, the Players’ Club would feature the Ridley Park Barnstormers’ production of “Peg of My Heart.” The Players’ Club May comedy, “Meet the Wife,” was being directed by Dr. A. F. Jackson.

“Home for Babies Auxiliary Meets” (1 – CW and WO) – fund-raising by the Swarthmore Auxiliary of the Ocean City Seashore Home for Babies

“Glee Club Opera at Mary Lyon” (1 – AC) – presentation of “Pirates of Penzance” by Mary Lyon girls

“Woman’s Club Chorus to Sing April 11th” (1 – AC and WO) – “The soloists for the evening will be Mr. Nelson Eddy,10 baritone, of the Philadelphia Civic Opera company and Mr. W. H. Kincaid Flute [sic] soloist of the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra.”

“Stolen Car of Local Man Recovered in N. J.” (1 – CV, JD, and PI) – The automobile of Charles R. Russell of Ogden Avenue was stolen by two boys who had escaped from the New Jersey Reformatory. It was recovered the next day in Lawrenceville, N.J., where “the two boys were arrested when found acting suspiciously around a house”.

Photo: “Swarthmore Methodist Church” with caption “The Swarthmore Methodist Episcopal Church which was erected during the pastorate of Rev. Dr. Arthur Walls who is now leaving Swarthmore to take over a new pastorate” (1 – RS and SN)

“Tributes in Parting. Rev. Dr. Arthur S. Walls Leaves the Methodist Church after Five Years of Accomplishment; Takes with Him Gratitude and Best Wishes of Friends Here” (1 & 8 – RS and SN) – tributes to Dr. Walls by Gilbert S. Faries, John H. Pitman, and “A Friend,” plus one to Mrs. Walls from Mrs. Earl Kistler

“Patricia Visits Swarthmore to See Easter Goods” by Partricia [sic] (1 & 7 – SE and SN) – First-person description of the excellent local goods available at the Tuck Shop; the DeJohn’s Shop; Buchner’s Toggery Shop; McCollum Hosiery; Mrs. Wyeth’s gift shop; the Vanity Box; Harris and Co.; Paulson’s; and Peckerman’s. “Mr. Harris told me that he had been making a number of suits to order and had some very good styles and materials on hand for women’s riding habits.”

“Cable Announces Arrival of Sumatra Eclipse Expedition” (1 – SC) – Dr. John A. Miller and his team sent a telegram to Dean Walters to report that “the party had arrived in Sumatra safely and that instruments were being installed to study the sun’s eclipse May 9.”

“No Arrests Yet in Shirer Robbery. Chief Rogeri and Men Working on Case – Have Clues. Loss about $1500” (1 – PI)

“B. and C. Asks Reply to Letter. Communication Sent to Council Regarding Emmons’ Letter. Want Written Reply” (1 – BB and CO) – “Another letter from the Swarthmore Business and Civic Association has been sent to Borough council. The letter refers to council’s failure to answer the letter written by Louis Cole Emmons asking for an explanation of the cost of paving Swarthmore avenue between Yale avenue and Baltimore pike.”

“Social and Personal” (2 & 3 – SL)

“Perwig Club Play to Be Given Tonight” (2 – AC and WO) – “Second Childhood” was to be performed at the Woman’s Clubhouse by the Perwig Club of the Swarthmore Preparatory School.

“Fortnightly to Meet on Monday Afternoon” (3 – WO) – Mrs. Arthur E. Bye was reviewing The Rebel Generation by Jo van Ammers Kuller, “Dutch author, who took as his subject the emancipation of women in the conservative country of Holland.”11

“Letters to the Editor” (4 – SL and WO) – Maud L. Bishop wrote to express her gratitude to the “garden committee, to the Women’s Club which makes such a committee, and to the capable and wide awake chairman, Mrs. George Zimmer.”

“Chinese Missionary to Speak Here Soon” (4 – CE, EA, IR, and RS) – on an upcoming talk by Rev. Watson M. Hayes, “the foreign pastor in China of The Swarthmore Presbyterian Church” and “one of the oldest Presbyterian missionaries in Tenghsien, Shantung, China, of which he is the founder and first president.”

Ad: “The Most Important Years – From 3 to 6” (4 – CE) – from Swarthmore’s pre- Kindergarten School at the Green Studio with a quote from the National Kindergarten Association on how kindergarteners have ‘the advantage of a much better start in life than the child without this education.’

“Passion Week Program at Presbyterian Church” (4 – RS) “Passiontide Music on Good Friday Evening” (4 – RS) “Christian Science Churches” (4 – RS)

“Church News” (4 – RS)

“School News of The Week — College, High, Prep, Mary Lyon, P. M. C.” (5) – page heading

“College Nine Starts Practice. Seventeen Game Schedule to Start April 5 – Eleven Home Games. Eleven Regulars Out” (5 – SC and SS) – on the college baseball team

“How about Drivers’ License? Get It Now” (5 – CV) – “One dollar judiciously spent for renewal of one’s license to drive will save the motorist a peck of trouble, according to the Keystone Automobile Club, which announces that no leniency will be shown operators arrested while driving without a license.”

“College Campus Comment” (5 – SC and SL) – on how hard students were studying for their midterms, but also on the amount of time they spent having parties, engaging in sports, and getting involved in theater.

Ad: “No Blarney – they Satisfy!” (5 – QA) – Chesterfield ad

Ad: “Swarthmore Radio Shop” (5 – QA and RR) – The two “Vocal Records” advertised were “Carolina Moon” and “Mississippi (Here I Am)” by the Creole Crooner and “Please Let Me Dream in Your Arms” and “Baby!” from “Blackbirds of 1928” by Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians.

“Classified” (6)

“Children’s Library Story Hour Today” (6 – CE and WO)

“Palm Sunday Service Will Be on Air” (6 – RS) – to be broadcast on WABC on March 24th from the West End Presbyterian Church in New York City

“Local Man Heads ‘Schoolmen’s Week'” (6 – SN) – Dr. Arthur J. Jones, a professor of secondary education at the University of Pennsylvania

“Sheriff Sales” (6 – RE)

“Funeral Services for J. R. Worst” (7 – AD) – Active in the Democratic Party, J. R. Worst of Wallingford was known as “Uncle Dudley” in the frequent letters he wrote to the Philadelphia Record’s Mail Bag.

“‘Your Uncle Dudley’s’ Crown of Glory” (7 – SN) – tribute from “A Friend of ‘Uncle Dudley’,” a.k.a. Jay Rutter Worst

“Nurse Well Known Here Opens Office” (7 – SN) – on Miss Freda A. Kern, whose office just opened in Media’s Allison Building “and is equipped to give sun treatment, electric light baths, colonic irrigation and tonic treatments.”12

“Chester Women at Club Here. Exchange Program Held Last Tuesday – Chorus Sings at Chester. Give One-Act Play” (8 – AC and WO) – “Members of the New Century Club of Chester provided a delightful program, consisting of musical numbers and a one- act play, at the regular meeting of the Swarthmore Woman’s Club Tuesday afternoon.”

“Baseball Practice at Preparatory School” (8 – CE and SS) “Boy Scout News” (8 – KO)

“Girl Scout News” (8 – KO)


10 Nelson Eddy, 27 years old at the time, would go on to star in numerous Hollywood films, the best known of which featured Jeanette MacDonald as his co-star.

11 Jo van Ammers-K├╝ller (1884-1966) was in fact a female Dutch writer, and a very popular one. According to the Encyclopaedia Brittanica, her “pro-German stand during World War II contributed to the waning of her popularity after the war.”

12 This item is directly above Kern’s “Colonic Irrigation” ad.


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